The BRKLY School of Art Podcast
March 5, 2021

Last summer I decided to do what millions and millions of other people have done and start a podcast. Great idea, right?!? The truth is that I really enjoyed it. I liked sitting alone in a room talking into the ether and I really loved the conversationsI had with the people I had on the show. It was unpolished and clunky but it was fun and that's usuallyhow I gauge whethersomething is worth doing or not. If it's fun I'm willing to suffer through the setbacks and problems that usually come with trying something new.

But it felt rudderless. It felt like it was only something I was doing to satisfy my ego and it was fun but it wasn't satisfying.  It needed purpose.  Throughout my career, and maybe my life, I've always loved talking to people who have figured out what their minds and their bodies were meant to do.  The people that have figured this out have a purpose that wasn't something they had to figure out...they had no other choice.  The people I find most fascinating are the people that have used that energy in them to make art.  I love artists.  I love people that make things that they put into the world.  I think it's the most brave thing you can do and I honestly believe that artists are the most important people on the planet.  Every thought worth challenging and every advance in our culture has been catalyzed by an artist trying to break new ground.   Artists really do live a few seconds ahead of the rest of us and we need them to help us navigate the future and we need them to suffer the slings and arrows that come with carving new paths so it's a bit less painful for us.

So that's what my show is and why I've called it The BRKLY School of Art.  I hope that title is met with all of the irony and false bravado that I've intended.  I am the curator of the content but I am also a student.  I want to learn from these people and I want to understand how they are able to navigate life.  I hope there are people like me that also want to learn and follow along.

The show is still clunky and unwieldy.  I think I need music to start the show, I need to figure out how to smoothly kick off a conversation and I definitely need to figure out how to interview people in this format.  I'll get there.  Thanks for your patience.  And thanks for listening.


Neil Berkeley

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